What Is CRM2GP OrderFlow?

CRM2GP OrderFlow is a software application that serves as a data pump that performs ongoing migration of order data from your CRM sales system into GP to keep your ERP/Accounting/Inventory system up to date. It can be configured to run on any schedule to achieve near-realtime updates.

MLM Specialists

While not limited to serving the multilevel marketing community, we do specialize in pumping order data directly from MLM CRM providers, including:

  • XennSoft
  • ByDesign
  • Exigo

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CRM2GP Data pump from your CRM into Dynamics GP

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$ 49,900
One-Time License
  • Includes implemenation & up to 10 hours of customization
  • Modules to pull from your CRM and push to GP
  • Interactive Dashboard

Implementation in as little as a week!

Easy implementation, typically just configuration settings based on your answers to a questionnaire.

Multiple markets/countries? No problem

Limited time? No worries, we do all the setup

User Acceptance Testing? You bet! We will work with you on as many scenarios as you need to feel comfortable.


CRM2GP OrderFlow has made possible the bridge between our CRM software and Microsoft Dynamics GP
Tim C
Director Finance

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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep inventory levels and financials up to date without dual entry

Yes. Orders, payments and customers migrate into GP along with the orders.

No, Built-in safeguards prevent this from happening

No, Orders need to be corrected in the source CRM

Yes, A warehouse to GP Company mapping steers orders into the proper company database

The code is written in .net 5/C# and using GP eConnect to PUSH orders into GP. Because we use eConnect, all current existing business logic implemented on your system will be respected for orders flowing into your Dynamics GP

1 week to 4 weeks depending on how quickly we can get the critical decisions from  business and technology leaders

Your technical team will manage the install with guidance from nCompass

  • Windows server 2012+
  • MS SSQL Server 2012+ or Azure SQL Server

These should be no problem because these are what GP demands

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